Photo Gallery


Len Gabriels flying his Mk 1 at Lobden Moor in February 1973

This lead by steps to a Mk3 version that was later sold in plan form from about April the same year

Photo from Len Gabriels


Tony Prentice Flying his first aluminium framed hang glider on the South Downs. The sail was made of parachute material early 1973

Photo from Tony Prentice


Brian Griffith from Ipswich Suffolk purchased a set of Geoff McBrooms plans and built the above glider. I believe it is being flown here from the Ipswich Christchurch Park.

David Cook once taunted Brian that he had used his wife's dinning room table cloth to make the sail. From Terry Aspinall


McBroom Arion

Photo from Simon Murphy's web-site


Ken Messenger taking off from Mount Snowden

12th September 1973

Photo taken from one of Ken's early brochures


Birdman Sports price list for November 1973

From Terry Aspinall


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