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Photo taken around 1974 or 75, and quote by Joe Schofield

"I was 16 years old and doing a photographic course at Dunstable college. My brief was to take some action shots. As I lived in Dunstable I went up the Downs and shot these hang gliders, which were quite new and controversial at the time."


Worth a Look

June 1974 and Don Liddard was flying at Holly Hill Kent


Here is another Photo Gallery from Don on his website


February 1974. Andrew Hill flying a McBroom Arion at Wittenham Clumps.  He was 10 years old at the time and the glider was a 50% scaled down model made from a set of Geoff's McBroom's plans (no kingpost).  It's leading edge was only 10ft long and it also had a very small Control frame.

Photos from Andrew Hill


Dave Wood a member of the Dover & Folkestone club in the late 70's

Flying an early Ken Messenger 'Grasshopper'. He fitted the kingpost modification and the waist strap himself as he had a habit of falling out of the back from the wooden seat

The field used to fly from is now the channel tunnel loading platforms.

 Photo by P Brenchley

Taken at Crete Road East Folkstone


Ian Tadd after his first flight with his new McBroom Cobra

Ian worked for Geoff McBroom for a short time 1974/75

Photo From Ian


Mark Woodhams flies Mill Hill in 1974 on a Wasp 229B3

Photo from Mark Woodhams


John Levers Mill Hill 1974


Taken from 'Hang Gliding' by Martin Hunt & David Hunn, pilots unknown.

From Tony Prentice


From Mark Woodhams


From Tony Prentice who flew at the event


A list of flyers at the 4th Selsey Birdman Rally 1974

From Tony Prentice


Andrew Hill now flying a 'Breen Butterfly' with 14ft leading edge.  This is the very same glider he made his first soaring flight at Rhossili on notching up a time 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Photo from Andrew Hill


Mike Lake from Norfolk flying glider he built after purchasing a set of plans from Len Gabriel's during the summer of 1974


Prone Harness Photos

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Firle beacon sussex hiway 240 Hiway knee hanger Mill Hill brighton Dave Lewis on DonLliddards Wasp cb 240 Hiway knee hanger Woldingham Kent Chargus Midas E guy converting to prone Isle of Sheppey Kent Dave Lewis on his Wasp 221 Hiway knee hanger
Mill Hill Brighton right to left Don Liddard, Peter ?, , Hiway stirrrup
Mill Hill Brighton Don Liddard on prototype {yellow Peril} Hiway knee hanger   Dunstable Downs Chargus Midas E pilot unknown   Isle of Sheppey, Nick Beach Chargus  Vega hiway stirrrup   Devils Dyke Brian Wood and Lester Cruise
  Mere Wiltshire Wasp Falcon 4, pilot ?
Dave Lewis Isle of Sheppey Wasp 229 with Wasp 221 sail - not sorted
  Devils Dyke Tony Beresford Wasp Gryphon {keel  pocket}
  Mill Hill Brighton Dave Lewis on Don Liddards Wasp cb 240 Hiway knee hanger
  Beacy Head Sussex Hiway Spectrum / Super Scorpion Hiway stirrrup   Perran Sands Cornwall Don Liddards Chargus Midus Super E Hiway stirrrup
Moyes !!!  

Dunstable Downs Tony Bresford on a Moyes with Wasp stirrup harness {black}


Devils Dyke Charlie Martin Wasp knee hanger harness {green}


Ashley Doubtfire not sure what harness


Rhossili 1982

From Don Liddard


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