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Mick Mahr flying a Mile Handley Gryphon 2 at Devils Dyke April 1978 Photo by Don Liddard

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Johnny about to take off flying an Easy Riser at Devils Dyke 1978

Photo From Don Liddard


Birdman Sports brought out the Moonraker 78

From Terry Aspinall


The British team representing the United Kingdom at Kossen in 1978

Photo from Andrew Hill


Pete Taylor taking off from Seaford Sussex captured on film by Don Liddard.

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A collection of photos taken by Don Liddard during 1978, including Pete Taylor launching from the Seaford Cliffs Sussex.

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Len Gabriels demonstrated his latest powered unit at Mere.

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Chargus also demonstrated their powered version of the Midas E at Mere.

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